Fujiko Nakaya

Fujiko Nakaya | JP

Cloud Parking in Linz, 2011

fog sculpture
Nebelsystem, fog systems, approx. 600 nozzles, water
commissioned by: OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH

A dense band of fog drifts over the rooftops of Linz—dense for a moment and then already vanishing again. It is an artificial natural phenomenon created by the grande dame of the Japanese art scene, Fujiko Nakaya, who already wrapped the HÖHENRAUSCH in fog in 2011. This year she gives us an encore. Following a precise, computer-controlled choreography, the fine spray forms into fleeting wafts of mist on the parking deck. Cloud Parking in Linz invites you to let yourself be “mystified” in the truest sense of the word — to dive down, disappear, and enjoy the “nothingness.”

*1933 in Tokio/JP, lives and works there.

Nabuqi Alexander Ponomarev