Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger #2

Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger | CH

OPFERSTOCK – Ein Fruchtbarkeitsritual mit Kunstdünger, 2021

tree trunk, chemical fertilizer, aircraft stairs, 7 x 7 x 7 m
commissioned by: OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH

Fertility rituals that promised to bring a bountiful harvest were once an important part of human culture. Meanwhile, we are instead sacrificing the earth itself. More specifically, natural soils, water quality, biodiversity, and climate are being sacrificed to a steady increase in crop yields. For just over 100 years, chemical fertilizers have been used to make depleted soils fertile again. In OPFERSTOCK (Offertory Box), by contrast, Steiner & Lenzlinger instead use artifical fertilizer to create something fantastical. With the help of the viewers, an ever-growing, glowing pink crystal sculpture emerges—a “tree of knowledge” grows.

Gerda Steiner *1967 and Jörg Lenzlinger *1964 have been working as a collective since 1997 and live in a small village in Jura

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