Gregor Graf

Gregor Graf | AT

Bye Bye Buy, 2020

photography on stretcher
200 x 300 cm

Vacancies are at the center of Gregor Graf’s work, here using the example of Pasching’s former consumer paradise UNO Shopping. The once-flourishing shopping mall has been closed for six years. A building with an area of 32,000 m² and multi-story parking garages have been vacant ever since. Similar vacancies in Steyr and Wels show that this is not a special case. While new, fancier shopping paradises continue to spring up on the fields and meadows on the urban periphery, comparable properties within sight are falling into disrepair. This is an alarming development for our environment, as an average of 11.8 hectares of soil are sealed with concrete every day.

*1976 in Wien/AT, lives and works in Linz

Florian Graf Yuan Goang-Ming