Inci Evenir

Inci Evenir | TR

Harem, 2009

video installation
HD-Video, Stereosound, 3', Loop
Courtesy: the artist and Galeri Nev İstanbul

A copperplate engraving by Anton Ignaz Melling from 1811 gave the European public a supposedly authentic peek behind the scenes at the mysterious world of a harem. But the female figures in his picture reflect nothing more than men’s fantasies of this forbidden place, as well as the artist’s own. The women seem “trapped in their own representation,” says artist Inci Eviner. “I force them to act out and reveal what they are repressing.” With the animated women she mounts in the image, she alludes to the discrepancy between ideology, fantasy, projection, and reality, and calls for self-determination in the conflict between “Western” and “Eastern” prejudices.

*1956 in Ankara/TR, lives and works in Istanbul

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