Mohammed Bourouissa

Mohammed Bourouissa | FR

Shoplifter, 2014–2015

19-part photoseries, framed
10 pieces each 70 x 70 cm
8 pieces each 70 x 50 cm
1 piece 70 x 122 cm

A shopkeeper in the New York borough of Brooklyn took portraits of thieves caught in the act and their “booty” with his Polaroid camera and presented them in the store as a clearly visible deterrent. Artist Mohamed Bourouissa has restored, enlarged, and framed these photos, creating a new reading: The photographs depict more than just the offense; they tell of small wants and needs, and of a level of hardship that is foreign to most of us. Through their unadorned realism, they reveal the persistence of poverty in modern life.

*in 1978 in Blida/DZ, lives and works in Paris

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