Soda_Jerk | US

Astro Black, 2007 – ongoing

2-channel video installation, 17', Loop

Scenes from the film Space Is the Place (1974) by the “cosmic” jazz musician Sun Ra form the centerpiece of this film and music collage, which is titled after his album Astro Black. With his science fiction story about a space traveler in a world without oppression and racism, Sun Ra did not want to create a utopian future but to overcome the here and now, in which social and political grievances prevail. Soda_Jerk take up this “afrofuturistic” concept in their experimental video cycle, denouncing racism and exclusion using pop culture — and thus rewriting the history of hip-hop, experimental music, and political resistance.

formed in Sydney in 2002, the collective lives and works in New York

Martine Gutierrez Anna Jermolaewa