Time‘s Up

Time‘s Up | AT

RISE. Turnton2047, 2016–2020

walk-in narration, experiental future

Welcome to the future! RISE. takes a look into the year 2047, at a world dominated by environmental catastrophes. In this future scenario, the Time’s Up collective drafts a life reality that is still possible despite collapsed ecosystems: Instead of surrendering fatefully to catastrophe, humanity begins to search for solutions together. The many aspects of this artistic vision of the future resonate in the conversations in the lovingly designed setting of the Medusa Bar in the harbor district of the small coastal town of Turnton — perhaps we can discover here ways in which we, too, could help shape our future.

the artist collective works together in Linz since 1996

Sophia Süßmilch Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger #2