MattonOffice | NL
mit Kerstin Reyer, Sophie Netzer und Matthias Narzt – space&designStrategies Kunstuniversität Linz

Green Parking, 2021
the climate machines edition 15 / die KlimaMaschinen Edition 1

commissioned by: OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH

We’re not ready to give up the advantages of the automobile despite its fatal effects on the environment. But aren’t we driving ourselves straight out of paradise? Green Parking presents a vision of the future in which traffic has come to a standstill and car wrecks rise from wild “paradise islands”: The subtropical forest has long since overgrown our meadows, or they have even been turned into a desert by climate change. For a new beginning, only remnants of civilization remain in the midst of a nature that has not surrendered.

Peter Land Sonja Meller